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TDR STAGE TWO single petal reeds for modified engines


TDR Single Petal Reeds

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TDR Hyper Tension fiberglass reeds by Tony Doukas Racing are a long lasting performance upgrade over the stock steel reeds.

These reeds are single (not split) petal reeds and are perfect for more modified engines with tuned exhaust, Stage Two porting, larger carbs, modified reed cages, etc. They will give great throttle response as well as a boost in mid and high RPM power for more modified motors.

If your bike is bone stock or very mildly modified check out the stock replacement “YZ125 style” reeds. If your bike has a milder Stage One porting, aftermarket exhaust and air filter, etc check out the Stage One dual (split) petal reeds.

Each kit contains 2 sets of reeds which is enough for one bike.

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