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Digital 2 Stroke Timing Gauge


Digital 2 Stroke Timing Gauge

Available on backorder

Simple, quick, easy to use timing gauge. Screw in spark plug hole, zero out at TDC, and set timing. Easier to read and use than analog gauges.

Kit includes proper adapter rod for and fits in between the head and frame on RD400, RD350, R5, RD250, and DS7.

Will work on all 2 stroke engines with a central vertical (straight) 14mm spark plug hole. On engines other than the Yamaha RD series a longer/shorter adapter rod may be needed. Adapter rods cost $2-$3 and can be found here: https://www.mcmaster.com/#test-indicator-accessories/=14zfc8f Clearance between spark plug hole and frame, fuel tank, etc should also be checked. Gauge needs a minimum of 2 5/8″ clearance above the spark plug hole to fit.

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